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Hair 30 Professional – Publication Gala

Hair powder is the ultra-trendy styling tool which the studio professionals can’t live without. Direct descendent of the dry shampoo (which is none other than an absorbent powder in a spray), it stakes out its volumizing vocation by depositing mineral micro-particles onto the fibre. But it is especially prized for its matte finish that gives any cut a rock n roll twist. All you have to do is sprinkle the non-sticky texturing substance directly onto dry hair before scrunching and hand-styling…

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Hair 30 Professional – Publication Votre Beauté

Even more high-tech, Hair 30, a concept from Israel, introduces into our hairdressing salons this tinted keratin microfibre-based powder charged with electrostatic force that literally transplants itself onto the hair, replenishing it in thirty seconds flat. The “trompe l’oeil” effect is staggering. Even nascent male hair loss and baldness are concealed without the slightest artifice…

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Hair 30 Professional – Publication Biba

The anti hair-loss powder “bad hair day”. Sales pitch for the tinted keratin micro-particles that cling to the hair hiding the roots, adding volume, and recreating density where once there was none. We’ve tested it, it’s astonishing! HAIR 30 COMES IN FIVE SHADES, BETWEEN 20 AND 30 APPLICATIONS PER POT, €59…

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The New Aesthetics

“The HAIR 30 Professional Rediscovered Hair Effect” is a small capillary revolution. It means that in 30 seconds you can conceal bald spots, dissimulate roots, and grey hair loss, or make thinning hair denser thanks to an innovative 100% natural keratin microfibre-based process. These microfibres are tinted and combined with a macromolecular formula. This formulation, enriched with Dead Sea minerals, is non-irritating, does not run down or stain the skin, and ensures a durable and weather-resistant fixing. Available in five shades, which can be combined to obtain the desired “Hair 30″ tint, it meets all expectations, regardless of hair type…

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Hair 30 Hair sprinkler – l’Eclaireur

Between capillary replacement and anti hair-loss products, a third solution, embodied by Hair 30, is required for baldness correction. Although this product is not the first to play the “hair sprinkler” card, it is the one attempting to trump the high end and seduce the large institutes or salons (Marc Delacre, Alexandre de Paris, etc…). The principle is both simple and often astonishing: a sprinkler diffuses natural keratin microfibres that subtly dissimulate the thinning areas…

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Hair 30 Professionnel – Télé Matin on France 2

Over time men and women lose their hair; for those reluctant to resort to implants, there is Hair 30, a camouflaging method. This is a unique and innovative process based on keratin microfibre that makes sparse hair denser, and discretely conceals roots and hair loss.
For this, it comes in many shades; blond, light brown, dark brown, salt & pepper, and black. These shades can be mixed to obtain a perfectly undetectable result, and it only takes 30 seconds.
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Hair 30 Professional –

An anti hair-loss product, pure keratin fibres, microscopic in size (0.2-0.5 mm), are tinted and combined with a single macromolecular formula. Naturally rich in electrostatic force, this approach ensures a lasting & resistant fixing.
Shades: Blonde – Light Brown – Dark Brown – Salt & Pepper – Black.
These shades can be mixed to obtain a perfectly undetectable result…

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Seen with my own eyes – balding covered-up

In fact it all started a few weeks ago during my twice yearly hair cut, on seeing a brochure for an “anti-hair loss powder”. I was interested to see with my hairdresser what kind of results could be achieved!
And there I was invited to the Hair 30 press conference a few weeks later. Out of curiosity, I went there, and attended the demonstration.
A man between 30 and 40 was there with rather sparse hair on top of his skull. He sat down. The demonstrator sprinkled the product onto the hair, and (my video provides proof) in 30 seconds, his hair seemed much more furnished and voluminous. And even up close, it was quite imperceptible. Amazing…

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Maximum result,
Hair 30, from 2S Cosmétique; these are the finest anti hair-loss microfibres on the market. They cling to the existing hair making the balding area denser. Simple, fast and effective for all hair types. The five proposed shades can be mixed to obtain a natural and discreet result…

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Hair 30 Professional – A magic powder Femme Actuelle

Alopecia and grey hair can undermine morale and cause a loss of self-confidence. Professional Hair 30 remedies this and brings back the smile to your face thanks to its magic powder sprinkled onto your thinning hair and silvery roots. Astonishing, in 30 seconds flat you get the illusion of a dense and natural hair.

How does it work?

This extra-fine powder for hair loss (it looks like those small hairs that dot your nose and neck on leaving the hairdresser) is composed of natural keratin microfibres, identical to that of hair. Thanks to a macromolecular formula, these tinted fibres are charged with electrostatic force. Result: hair and fibres are attracted to each other like magnets and the two keratins fuse. The thicker hair fills the bald area. The illusion is perfect.

Are you a bit hesitant about trying it?

Take the plunge; the result isn’t permanent. After the first shampoo, it disappears as quickly as it came, without staining or colouring your skin.

Hair 30 Professional, 59 Euro for daily use over one month.

Find out hairdresser distributors of the brand: or Readers No: 01 83 64 64 54


Hair-loss will be easier to bear – Le Figaro et Vous

INNOVATION “Whoever finds the solution to hair loss will be immensely rich,” jokes Dr. Philip Abimelec dermatologist formerly attached to the Hospital St. Louis. In a world obsessed with youthfulness, baldness is experienced as an injustice. Yet this broadly shared evil that we call “androgenic alopecia” in France affects 30% of the male population at 30 years of age, 40% at 40 years of age and almost 80% at 60 years of age. In other words, the cosmetic groups are bent on their quest for a miracle formula…
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November – December 2011 – Echos Coiffure

The re-discovered hair effect

In just 30 seconds, HAIR 30 makes your hair denser, conceals baldness, and dissimulates scars or grey hair.
Prestidigitation? No: leading edge technology.
Pure keratin microfibres against hair loss applied to a spray that clings to your existing hair making the balding areas denser, thus obtaining a perfectly natural result. Astonishing.
Info: 01 83 64 64 54

Download : Article Hair 30 L’Echos coiffure Novembre – December 2011





October 2011 – L’Eclaireur

Microfibres Hair30

The Hair 30 brand brings us extremely small (0.2 to 0.5 mm ) 100% natural keratin fibres, which bind to the hair and make thinning areas denser, concealing baldness, patches, and scars. Use on dry hair, simply by shaking the sprinkler onto the areas to be treated. The fibres are firmly fixed, thanks to an electrostatic force charged formula, supplemented by a fixing spray action. For men and for women, this product resists wind and perspiration and is eliminated on shampooing. It comes in five shades: blond, light brown, dark brown, salt and pepper, and black.

The plus factor: a product that is only distributed to hairdressers, who apply their expertise in fighting the all too common problem of hair loss.

Download : Article Hair 30 L’Eclaireur Octobre 2011

September 2011: Run for it baldness

Hair loss problems, however slight, can affect morale and that’s understandable.

Unfortunately, over 80% of men are affected as early as 30 years. Although the miracle product still doesn’t exist, Hair 30 seems, according to experts, to be a solution for hiding nascent balding and hair loss, concealing a small scar, and making hair denser.

Keratin-based, this product can be applied in just a few minutes and instantly produces its effect because it contains the same organic proteins as hair.

Unfortunately, you have to reapply it at each cut.

Find out more.

Marlèna Bénard, 5, rue de Surène, Paris VIII – Tel. : 01 47 42 67 41.

Download : Article Hair 30 Monsieur September 2011

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