Hair 30 is sold exclusively in salons and hairdressers. So we support hairdressers by offerieng them a support kit at sale.

This kit includes:

  • 2 posters
  • A display containing products
  • Product presentation leaflets that customers can keep
  • A DVD containing photos and video

Also, if you want we can train your hairdressers to apply the product during the day.
So, feel free to contact us for more information or if you want a salesperson to call round.

Poudre a cheveux Hair30


Benoit D – Hairdresser
We are very happy to sell products Hair 30, because since, our customers are happy and cannot do without it any more.
They come to acquire it every month.

Valerie G – Colourer
I propose regularly the product Hair 30 to my customers when I know that they have to leave for vacancy. They can apply Hair 30 to roots while waiting for their back from holidays.

Candice F – Hairdresser
Thanks to Hair 30, all the persons who have problems of baldness are reassured and have fewer complexes.
I test systematically the product on the persons who need it and they leave with.
Very good product.

Franck M – Colourer
Hair 30 is a very good product which gives a good result, I am conquered and my customers also.
Finished the complexes.

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